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saltwatersteve.com is now 100% solar powered

10 06 2008

I am happy to announce that we have migrated our web page to a hosting company who is 100% solar powered. The energy used to power the servers 24 hours a day comes from the big yellow ball of nuclear fusion 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) away. I did quite a bit of research to decide on AISO.net.

There are quite a few self-proclaimed ‘green’ web hosting companies out there - with varying levels of true ‘green-ness’ (by purchasing wind power or carbon offsets or even *gasp* just a wink and a smile (i.e. marketing lies)) - but AISO is 100% solar powered. They are the only ones (as of today) who can truthfully make this claim so they really are the leaders on this front. I hope any of our readers who have (or will have) a website will consider AISO.net for their hosting because we all vote with our dollars and everyone should vote for the environment.

Not only are they green, they are also very technically knowledgeable about web hosting (accommodating my security paranoia), and they have been very responsive with support during the migration of our website.

Also, they have an ‘affiliate’ program in place to bring more awareness to their business and the environment. So we now have placed a banner link at the bottom of the webpage that looks like this:

And since this is an ad, we also benefit from anyone following links from our site and becoming customers of AISO.net! By clicking these links a browser cookie is set so ‘behind the scenes’ you are telling them that we sent you!

click to view on my google map



One response to “saltwatersteve.com is now 100% solar powered”

11 06 2008
Sarah (09:38:33) :

So cool, as only Sloaners are. Thank you for sharing this information, you know I will pass it around ;0 Will I get to see you both before you leave, or do I have to get my love from the internet? xoxo

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