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Hi, you are here because you were curious enough to click the About link on the menu bar above. What is this blog about? Well, so far it is about the travels and adventures of me (Steve) and my fiancée (Meghan). We met in 2004 and after a few months, we decided to travel to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. That trip took place in October/November of 2004. The following spring, we traveled to Europe mostly to visit friends in Scotland, Spain, and Belgium. In 2006, I was laid off from my high tech job of VLSI design in Longmont, CO. Feeling that this was a sign that we should travel again, we worked over the next few months to fix up our house and sell it. We closed on the house at the end of November 2006, and shortly after Meghan quit her job doing lung cancer research at a university lab in Denver, since conditions there were changing as well. Our South America 2007 trip kicked off on the 9th of January, 2007, exactly on the 3 year anniversary our first date.