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Here Kitty, Kitty…

14 05 2008

I got to meet and pet really big kitty cats today. It was so cool.

Steve with a Tiger

Yes Mom, they’re chained up (well hidden in the picture above) and recently fed. Also, supposedly (and shockingly), they are not sedated.

They are all orphan tigers that have been adopted by the monks in a monastery near Kanchanaburi, Thailand. So they have grown up around Buddhist monks, and apparently that upbringing is enough to tame the savage beast. They also only allow the visitors near the cats in the middle of the afternoon heat, when they are naturally the most dormant (they are nocturnal).

Not surprising though, you have to sign a waiver to enter the Tiger Temple (as it is now known by the tourist industry), and there’s an admission ‘fee’ (really a donation, since you’re entering a Buddhist temple). The money is going towards building a better habitat for the tigers. And construction was indeed underway when we were there - it is a large and zoo-quality (as far as I know).

click to view on my google map



3 responses to “Here Kitty, Kitty…”

17 05 2008
Mom Sloan (15:34:15) :

Yikes! I’m glad you added the disclaimer about the safety features. Of course, I guess if I am reading your blog entry you must have survived the tiger experience! The photo is very impressive even with hidden chains, and I’m glad the monks are able to do something to improve the situation for the tigers.
It’s so hard to believe that a week from right now we’ll be with you all in Boulder. I’m sure you will be sorry in a way to leave your travels in SE Asia, but also glad to be back and see everybody. Can’t wait!!
Love, Mom

17 05 2008
Snaz (16:09:05) :

WOW WOW WOW! The only thing that could possibly beat this pic for me would be a picture of you guys swimming with a whale shark! I am so incredibly jealous right now…what an amazing opportunity! Glad it worked out better for you than Roy ;-) …or maybe it was Sigfried (can’t keep them straight!) Sorry, couldn’t help myself! Anyway, that is awesome and I can’t wait to see you both next week! Love you and miss you much!!!

20 05 2008
Kim (03:54:33) :

Hey, nice tiger!

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